We're Z Electric

It's electricity, but not as you know it

Z Electric is our take on how a Kiwi company can give power to the people. Join to find out how we're bringing our great Kiwi service straight to a power point near you.

Why Z Electric?

It’s what you told us was important

We know electricity isn’t top of mind for most people – it should all just work when you flick the switch. But we also know that getting great deals and supporting the ones you love is really important too.

That was why Z Electric was created. It’s a way to help with New Zealand’s transition towards a better future, where electricity plays an even greater role in New Zealanders’ moving world.

Who is Z Electric?

In 2018 two Kiwi companies, Z Energy & Flick, proudly partnered to bring the very best energy choices to as many Kiwis as possible.

The result of that partnership is Z Electric - combining the best bits of both companies into an electricity experience that’s world-class. But please don’t tell the Aussies… we’re all about keeping it local, and if they find out they’ll try to steal it. Just like they did with Pavlova. And Phar lap. And Crowded House…

Great partners, great results

Z Electric is fuelled by Flick - which means you will get great electricity, plain and simple.

It’s important to us that you know that Flick is a member of Utilities Disputes Scheme, which is a free and independent complaints resolution scheme.

If you have any concerns about Z Electric, we’d encourage you to contact us so see if we can help you resolve them. Alternatively, you can raise them with the Utilities Disputes Scheme as well.

Having high standards of service to our customers is really important to us.