We’re Z Electric

Get set for powerfuel rewards.

With Z Electric you'll earn 5L of fuel for every $100 that you spend on power.

Go on, use the slider to estimate your monthly fuel rewards.

12.00 litres

of fuel per month*


* estimate based on your selected monthly electricity bill

Your rewards

How rewarding is Z Electric?

Sometimes you have to spend extra to get rewarded. But with Z Electric, you get fuel rewards while you eat, sleep and play. Simple.

Fuel rewards for joining

You'll score 50L of fuel after you join Z Electric - that's pretty much a full tank!

Ongoing fuel rewards

Every $100 spent on power earns you 5L of fuel. Now that’s powerfuel.

Share the love

We all love to share. So with Z Electric you can share the love with your friends or whānau.

Quick and easy with Sharetank

Whether you are already a Z App customer or a first-timer, we make it seamless to start getting your fuel rewards.

The more you spend, the greater fuel reward

We’ve designed our fuel rewards to be... well, rewarding! Every $100 spent on electricity earns you 5L of fuel. That's right, the more you spend the greater your fuel rewards.

What is Sharetank?

Redeem your fuel rewards with Z App

Sharetank is a digital fuel tank in Z App, that allows you to share your fuel balance with your friends or whānau. When you earn fuel rewards with Z Electric, we will deposit your fuel litres directly in to your active Sharetank.

How does Sharetank work?

When you are ready to put fuel in your car, just pull in to your local Z Station like normal, fill up your tank and pay using your Sharetank balance. All it takes to pay is a simple scan of Z App – either in-store or at Pay at Pump.

Download Z App to create a Sharetank

Z App is available in either iOS or Android app stores. Once you've downloaded, you can create a Sharetank for your fuel rewards. As well as Sharetank, you can use your Z App to find your nearest Z, earn and stack discounts, pre-order your coffee, whip through Fastlane and store your vouchers.

Need help? Check our Help Centre

How many Z Electric fuel rewards will I get with my bill?

You’ll earn fuel rewards each time you pay your monthly Z Electric bill - use the Fuel Rewards calculator to get an estimate! More

How do I get/use my fuel rewards?

We’ll deposit all of your earned fuel rewards directly in to your active Sharetank – you’ll be able to use your balance to pay for your fuel at your local Z Station. More

How do I sign-up for Sharetank?

Download Z App from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Then register with your name, region, mobile number and email address and select the Sharetank icon inside the app to start. More

How do Z Electric fuel rewards work?

For every $100 that you spend on electricity, you’ll earn 5L of fuel rewards - and it is scalable, so the more your bill, the more you’ll earn in fuel rewards. More