We're Z Electric

Where sharp pricing meets sweet fuel rewards

We don't have big price signs like at petrol stations, but we can get you an easy to understand price estimate in no time at all.

Get a price and fuel rewards estimate

But wait, there’s more!

Z Electric has loads of great reasons to join.

Fuel rewards for joining

You'll score 50L of fuel after you join Z Electric - that's pretty much a full tank!

Ongoing fuel rewards

Every $100 spent on power earns you 5L of fuel. Now that’s powerfuel.

No lock-ins. No exit-fees.

It doesn’t feel very neighbourly to lock you in to contracts or have exit fees. So we won’t!

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What price will I pay?

Like fuel prices, there are a number of things that make up your electricity price - costs for generation, transmission and distribution, fees & levies. How much you’ll pay depends on how much electricity you use. More

Will you charge me a joining fee?

No way - there are no Z Electric joining fees. We also don't lock you in with any exit fees either! More

How do I pay my Z Electric bill?

There are a couple of options - either by Debit or Credit Card, or by Direct Debit. There’s a bit of detail about the billing and payment dates of each. More

How do I know if I'm a Low User?

Generally speaking, Low Users tend to be households of one or two people living in well insulated, energy efficient houses and/or homes with gas heating or hot water. More