Introducing Z Electric

Power for your home that fuels your car

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How it works

As easy as 1, 2, 3.

From the moment you apply to join, through to redeeming your fuel rewards, we've made it easy. Because life is better that way.

  1. Join Z Electric in minutes

    Just pop in your address, and you can apply to join in just minutes.

  2. Earn fuel rewards

    After joining, you’ll score 50L of fuel rewards. From there, you’ll earn 5L of fuel rewards for every $100 you spend on your power - couldn’t be easier.

  3. Redeem or reward with Sharetank

    We’ll deposit the fuel rewards into your Sharetank, which you’ll find in Z App. You can then choose to fill up the car yourself, or share the love around. How wonderfuel!

Why Z Electric?

Because we're fuelly rewarding!

Only Z Electric can offer you fuel rewards while you eat, sleep and play. Because every time you switch on the lights, boil the kettle, watch TV or charge your phone, you’ll be earning rewards.

Fuel rewards for joining

You'll score 50L of fuel after you join Z Electric - that's pretty much a full tank!

Ongoing fuel rewards

Every $100 spent on power earns you 5L of fuel. Now that’s powerfuel.

Share the love

We all love to share. So with Z Electric you can share the love with your friends or whānau.

No lock-ins. No exit-fees.

It doesn’t feel very neighbourly to lock you in to contracts or have exit fees. So we won’t!

Need help? Check our Help Centre

How do I join Z Electric?

You can join Z Electric right here, right now! All you need to get started is your address. We’ll take care of the rest with digital magic! Join Z Electric

What price will I pay?

Like fuel prices, there are a number of things that make up your electricity price - costs for generation, transmission and distribution, fees & levies. How much you’ll pay depends on how much electricity you use. More

Can you supply electricity to me?

That depends, where do you live? The answer is probably a yes, but to find out simply pop your address in to our online tool and we’ll let you know if we can supply you or not. Find out if we can connect.

I thought Z sold petrol?

Z does sell petrol and diesel, delivered with great Kiwi service. Z has amazing pies & coffee too! Now Z Electric is bringing you electricity as well.